Today is my Turning Point…


If you’ve come here by happenstance, consider this your “Cosmic Landing Page” where I give you full permission to embody EVERYTHING you are, as I step into a bigger paradigm of my own wholeness – professionally and personally.


My website is currently under construction as I take the time to refocus and recharge my business with the ME that I’ve become. The “me” that hasn’t been shown yet in web format to the world.


Years ago, a very dear friend and client asked me, “Scott are you sure that you’re just a web designer?”


She sensed more in me as I helped her to develop an almost entirely new language for how to explain her business. That was the first small step, years ago.


The truth is, I’ve been doing this kind of thing regularly now for almost the past 4-5 years. And lately, personally, professionally, and creatively, I feel as if I’ve taken some amazing quantum leaps.


However, only a few of my current clients have gotten to see this in action.






It’s time to honor these leaps in a very big way!


I realize, that to attract the type of clients (and community!) I wish to serve now – those who are HIGHLY collaborative, HIGHLY creative, and HIGHLY courageous – who have a DEEP KNOWING that they are put on this planet to help shift humanity and change the world – that I must step courageously into this newer territory.


I’m jumping out of the box – shredding the box – and I’m allowing myself to create the business – and way of doing business – that I have always dreamed about! I’m navigating OFF THE MAP, and I LOVE THAT.


By doing this, I give YOU permission to courageously build the business, creative endeavors, and LIFE of YOUR dreams as well – in a new, authentic, trusting, and courageous way.


Old paradigms of sales and marketing are falling away. We live in a time where most people can now sense, very quickly in their bodies, when they are being “sold to” or “marketed to” in un-authentic, un-collaborative, and un-caring ways. These methods are artificial, empty, and do very little to shift us into the real story of who we are.


We are more than target markets, more than “niches”, and more than the worries, doubts, and insecurities that “marketers” make us believe we are when they try to sell us something.


Authentic, inspiring, creative, and paradigm disrupting people and businesses DESERVE BETTER.


So I’m stepping out to experiment, to serve, and to try to find that – for myself, and for all those I serve.


I’ll have new titles that I’m embracing as I write this:


Corporate Dropout
Quiet Revolutionary
Inner-Wise Elf
Web Oracle
Solo Biz BadAss
Walker Among Trees


I want to help others to CHANGE THE WORLD through the entirety of what I have to offer. No more fragmentation. It all overlaps with me. I want to work with those who resonate with a highly holistic approach.

Some of the things I can offer, regardless of any artificial “niche” or imposed category are (for lack of better terms as I work on them):


Transformational Coaching
Creative Recovery Mentoring
Unshackling of Corporate and Career Chains that no longer serve you
Getting Quiet, Guided Meditation, and Spirit Chats
Solo Business Consulting, Program Development, and new Solo Business Paradigms


I want to help you navigate the shifts you feel coming, as the world feels them coming. I want to help you build this authentic “out-of-the-box” dream/idea/business/life that you’ve been longing to uncover.


Quantum Shifts require Courageous Quantum Leaps, where “everything comes along.” All of my feelings. All of my authenticity and honesty. All of my creative focus.


So I’ll be back soon with more…..


Stay tuned!


Scott Schumacher

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