Today is my Turning Point…


If you’ve come here by happenstance, consider this your “Cosmic Landing Page” where I give you full permission to embody EVERYTHING you are, as I step into a bigger paradigm of my own wholeness – professionally and personally.


I’m no longer taking new clients.  Consider me “Temporarily Retired” as I take the time to explore and honor the ME that I’ve become. The “me” that shows through when I strip away all of my titles, certifications, masks and disguises.

I’ve been self-employed in some way or form since 1999.  I’ve been a Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Coach, Web Designer, and Business Consultant.

Through all the triumphs there have also been struggles.  As our culture has changed and I’ve become much more authentic in my interactions – embracing more of the concepts of Love and Truth.

Marketing manipulation, putting people in “niches” and giving “sales and deals” so much of the time in order to coax clients to “buy” or to “close a sale” never felt rihgt to me, but for a while, I had to play the game.




It’s time to honor my leaps in a very big way!  For ME, NOT for Others.


I am diving into my own SOUL-LEVEL concerns.  My only title now is “Practitioner of Life” for my own experience.


I’m jumping out of the box – shredding the box – and I’m allowing myself to create the life I want. I’m navigating OFF THE MAP, and I LOVE THAT.


By doing this, I give YOU permission to courageously build the LIFE of YOUR dreams as well – in a new, authentic, trusting, and courageous way.


Old paradigms of sales and marketing are falling away. We live in a time where most people can now sense, very quickly in their bodies, when they are being “sold to” or “marketed to” in un-authentic, un-collaborative, and un-caring ways. These methods are artificial, empty, and do very little to shift us into the real story of who we are.


We are more than target markets, more than “niches”, and more than the worries, doubts, and insecurities that “marketers” make us believe we are when they try to sell us something.


Authentic, inspiring, creative, and paradigm disrupting people and businesses DESERVE BETTER.


So I’m stepping out to experiment, to serve, and to try to find that.


There will be no more fragmentation. All of who I am shall overlap with me. Should I come out of “retirement”, I want to work ONLY with these who resonate with a highly holistic approach.

Quantum Shifts require Courageous Quantum Leaps, where “everything comes along.” All of my feelings. All of my authenticity and honesty. All of my creative focus.


Much Love!


Scott Schumacher

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