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Types of Coaching I Do:

Individual Coaching

Do you need to find clarity on your thoughts and ideas and what your next steps could be?
What’s pulling you, and what’s chasing you?
Are you living the life you truly want, or the life you feel you “should” live?
How do you navigate change, loss, or transition in your life or business?
Are you feeling “stuck”, and are you looking for a life-boat or parachute to get you back on your feet for a new beginning?

Coaching is a process of deep listening, followed by questioning and inquiry that leads to greater insight and clarity into your unique situation. As your coach, I can design a program of coaching that meets your needs with one-on-one coaching sessions, laser-focus follow-up “spot coaching” when you need it, and options for email coaching.

Mastermind Group Coaching

Small groups of no more than 8 practitioners in diverse fields. In this group setting you can stay accountable with regular check-ins, gather ideas and solutions from other solo practitioners. Participants have the opportunity to have the full focus of the group in the “heart seat” and ask for advice on problems, issues, or obstacles that come up. You’ll develop strong ties with group members who become your “virtual board of directors” and “believing mirrors” for your business or latest and greatest idea that’s brewing. Most of all, you can learn from other solo business owners’ experience on best practices, tips and tricks of their trade, and receive motivation and support for issues that come up in your life and business.

360 Degree Coaching

Are you starting a new endeavor or changing focus?
Are you wanting to take a leap into uncharted territory?

360 Degree Coaching includes coaching sessions with you, as well as detailed and honest feedback from friends, colleagues, coworkers, or trusted partners who know you best. Understand your strengths and challenges and how others in your circle see you. 360 Degree Coaching is a valuable tool in assessing next steps, finding the gaps in your knowledge and skills, and understanding what additional learning or self-development you may want or need before launching your next venture. As your coach, after a coaching session with you, I will survey your trusted friends and colleagues, compile their feedback, and then share the results with you. Follow-up coaching sessions are included after feedback is shared, allowing you to process feedback, set goals, and prioritize your next steps.

Customized Group Coaching Courses

I will often organize and facilitate workshops, courses, and group coaching around topics such as creativity, Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way course, spirituality, and holistic healing. Sign up for updates to receive announcements on these, or watch my website and blog for upcoming courses and events!

Open Learning Mentoring

Are you a student working on an independent study in topics such as sustainability, holistic health, wellness, web design, coaching, or “unschooling” (designing your own learning process and curriculum)?

I’ve worked with students who need community mentors or professionals to consult with for these kinds of projects. I also work with those who have “walked out” of traditional academic structures who wish to take full control of their own customized learning, be it in preparation for a solo business venture or for their own self-development. Open Learning Mentoring is highly customizable, and I will assist you in creating your “curriculum” of study, your learning activities (assignments of your choosing), and evaluative steps.

Click Here to set up your free 30-minute Coaching Discovery Call

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