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Coaching is a process of deep listening, followed by questioning and inquiry that leads to greater insight and clarity into your unique situation. As your coach, I can design a program of coaching that meets your needs with one-on-one coaching sessions, laser-focus follow-up “spot coaching” when you need it, and options for video spot-coaching.

Types of Coaching I Do:


New:  Unlimited Video Coaching

Work with me for a full year! – $897
Monthly Subscription – $99/month (2 month minimum)

A WordPress Dashboard Walkthrough

Similar to email coaching – but I respond to you with VIDEO!  This is UNLIMITED Video Coaching for you or your business. You can reach out to me through email, and ask for help with strategy, marketing, technology, or mindset.  You can reach out as often as you like and I’ll get back with you via video in one business day!  Unlike laser coaching by phone which has a homework rule, you can reach out as often as you like. No rules!  I’m offering you this because I *LOVE* video coaching! It’s so much easier when I can show you my screen and really give you a thoughtful reply instead of ‘thinking on my feet’ over the phone.

Questions you might ask me and I’ll respond with a video explaining and even showing you how to do something:

  • Is this a good post to get people to sign up for my program?
  • Can you show me how to do something in WordPress/Mailchimp/Something Else?
  • Here’s an email I wrote to my list.  Can you give me feedback?
  • How should I set up my auto-responder on MailChimp?
  • I’m stuck on naming my program, which title do you think is hotter A, B or C?
  • How should I price this program?
  • Can you jump into my FB group and give me some feedback?
  • What are your favorite business tools, books for a specific topic, or resources I should check out?

in fact you can ask me any question that will help you to move forward…

Customized “Me and My Business” Sessions and Days

Either in Person  (Apple Valley, MN), or via Phone/Skype/Zoom
Half Day (4 hours):  $400
Full Day (8 hours):  $750

Let’s work on YOU and YOUR BUSINESS in a very focused half or full day.  We’ll start off with a coaching session, then you can receive feedback on your current website, program, email campaigns, or current endeavor or goals.  I can share all my strategies, give some time for tutorials on tech and workflow, share strategies and self-assessments for further insight, etc.  We’ll come up with our agenda in advance.  This is a highly customized individual “retreat” for you and/or your business.  We can even spend a full or half day on just YOU, your mindset, or finding out and developing strategies for EXACTLY what your next steps will be!

Individual Coaching Sessions

Single Individual Session – $85/hour (Required before package purchase)
2 sessions per month – $155/month
4 sessions per month – $300/month

For you, or for your business or creative endeavors. As a Certified Personal Coach, Spiritual Coach, and Assertiveness Coach, I can assist you in a deeply focused conversation to focus a specific situation, your goals and aspirations, or help with your own insights, answers, and strategies with regard to the deeper questions you may have. I like to do these coaching sessions via phone, Skype, or Zoom. This gives both you and I choices on how we can have a deeper conversation (phone/skype) or if you want to share video or your computer screen (zoom). While coaching is not therapy, I am open to topics which can range from your business, the day-to-day personal, to the spiritual, concerns you may have. I’m not afraid of the ‘woo-woo’ (I am a “holisitc” geek you know!) so don’t worry if our conversations go there!  I’m here to be your “believing mirror” on many sensitive topics. Confidentiality is assured!

Coming Soon:  Mastermind Group Coaching

In General – Two(2) 90-minute group phone/Skype/Zoom meetings per month
$1600/ full year

Small groups of no more than 10 practitioners in diverse fields. In this group setting you can stay accountable with regular check-ins, gather ideas and solutions from other solo practitioners or business owners.  You can participate in a private Facebook group to share insights and ideas between meetings.  Participants have the opportunity to “rotate in” and have the full focus of the group while in the “heart seat” and ask for advice on problems, issues, or obstacles that come up. You’ll develop strong ties with group members who become your “virtual board of directors” and “believing mirrors” for your business or latest and greatest idea that’s brewing. Most of all, you can learn from others’ experience on best practices, tips and tricks of their trade, and receive motivation and support for issues that come up in your life and business.


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