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Over the years I've met a lot of great holistic practitioners and solo business owners who have great knowledge to share.  My goal is to bring them to YOU, every month, through what I'm calling Holistic Geek's Masterclass.  Practitioners will share their expertise via FREE online webinars and teleconferences.  All you have to do is register for each webinar or call to join them live or receive a recording of the call after!  I plan to bring on Hypnotherapists, Herbalists, Coaches, Bodyworkers, Alternative Medicine Providers,  as well as "Techy" Practitioners from time to time - all who are willing to share their knowledge.

Sign up below to get on the announcement list for future Masterclasses, and receive as a free gift, a recording of our very first class, "Kitchen Cupboard Wellness" with Stacey Quade, Herbalist and Certified Healing Touch Practitioner from Duluth, Minnesota!

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Scott Schumacher

As a self-described "Holistic Geek", I've been a solo holistic practitioner, web designer, and coach/consultant since 2007.   I work with solo practitioners who have passion and purpose to create a positive and healthy world.

It's my honor and privilege to bring together practitioners, so we can learn from one another, and also spread our vision and purpose outward to new audiences.

I truly hope you enjoy this new offering of the Holistic Geek Masterclass!

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