What’s your mobile strategy?

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I really like the messages that Gary Vaynerchuk puts out on The Daily. This one especially got me thinking! While I’m still not a smart phone user, the message is very clear, that web sites and online marketing need to accommodate the wave of smart phone mobile users. Watch the video below, and then click the Read More button for my tips on your mobile strategy for 2012!

So, what can you do NOW to develop a mobile strategy for your website?

  1. Find out how mobile friendly your wordpress theme is! Test it out on mobile devices – borrow a friend’s iPhone or smartphone and take a look!  Here’s a link to 10 Mobile Friendly WordPress Themes.
  2. Install the wp-touch theme plugin into your wordpress environment. By installing this plugin, you can retain your current theme, and you can set many options as to how your site will view for mobile users!  On the fly, your WordPress site will then detect the mobile device and send out a customized mobile theme (an m.yoursite.com version of your site!).  The Pro Version allows you to create iPad versions too, and is only $39 for a single site usage!
  3. Get rid of the Flash! Apple’s iPhone doesn’t support flash.  You may disagree with them on their choice to do this, but it’s the harsh reality.  Instead use embeded video in your pages and blog posts from services like YouTube, Vimeo, or SmugMug.
  4. Use the MORE tag in wordpress for long blog posts. (It’s in the HTML editing pane in your Dashboard)  This is where the “Read More” button comes in.  Nobody on a smartphone or iPhone wants to scroll until their thumb or finger goes numb just to get to your next post.  Make it easy for mobile users to sort through your content if you post long blog posts (more than 3 or 4 paragraphs).
  5. Learn about and start using QR code images for your print advertising. You’ve probably seen those fun little squares out on posters in the mall, in bus stops, and in some print magazines.  These are QR codes, and your smartphone can read these!  You may need to install an app first, but here’s how they work.  You take a picture of the QR image, and you are automatically taken to a website on your smartphone for this business!  Magic!
  6. Create custom content for those who scan your QR image! Have a mobile-ready page on your website that you want to send folks to who scan the QR image – customize it and put in unique content!  You can even exclude this page from your WordPress blog if you use the Exclude Pages pluginCreate your QR Codes here!

I’ll be sharing more mobile strategies in the weeks to come!  Are you ready for the mobile revolution??

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