It All Begins with You - Showing Up as Your Authentic Self!

Creative Marketing for Your Skills and Passions

Strategic Consulting for Heart-Centered Practitioners!

Web Design and Consulting
for Solo Practitioners
and Small business

I’ve been a solo business owner since 1999 and have worn many hats over the years: crisis counselor, spiritual director, health educator, marketer, information technology specialist, product developer, web designer, non-profit founder and administrator, and holistic life and business coach.

I understand the needs of the solo business practitioner and small business owner – because I’ve lived the same life.  Many of my clients are artists, healers, holistic practitioners, coaches, musicians, and social entrepreneurs with a keen desire to add their own innovations to the marketplace.  Many have a mission and vision to actually change the world!

I’m here to be FULLY PRESENT FOR YOU, to assist you in developing and marketing your own brand of innovation – your own brand of change – that the world needs!