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About Scott

I’d love to help you create the business that fully embodies the most authentic YOU, and one that features your best assets, skills and passions!

My name is Scott Schumacher, and I help small businesses and solo business practitioners – those who are full of passion and purpose – to show up fully and intentionally – as their best selves – on the web.  My clients are often healers, artists, entrepreneurs, coaches, therapists, workshop leaders, musicians, herbalists, etc. – business owners who are innovative and forward-thinking people.  They often have a strong desire to change the world.  .

I know your journey!  I’ve been a solo business owner since 1999 and have worn many hats over the years: counselor, health educator, marketer, information technology specialist, massage therapist, Reiki master teacher, web designer, vocalist (I’m a classically trained tenor), non-profit founder and administrator, and holistic life and spiritual educator.

Everyone faces challenges, fears, obstacles, and opportunities – sometimes even daily (or hourly!). I strive to be a partner in co-creating your online presence – one that both reflects where you are today, and where you are going with your business or creative endeavor.

Why “Holistic” Geek??
More about me:

  • I’m a lover of nature and an avid practitioner of holistic wellness in my own life.
  • I’ve been antibiotic and prescription drug free since 1996, following a path of natural wellness, chiropractic care, acupuncture, and Chinese and western herbs.
  • I’ve created my own herbal remedies, tinctures, and personal care products. I love trail hiking and labyrinth walks (I’ve even helped build a few stone labyrinths).
  • My holistic background and lifestyle has influenced me to look at the “whole picture” of life and “life purpose” in creative ways within myself, and this helps to inform the service I provide
  • I love doing yoga, meditation, and strength training.
  • I’m dedicated to supporting and giving back to my LOCAL community.  Permaculture and decentralization approaches to local economies are a huge interest of mine.
  • For fun, I love playing tennis, singing, camping on any lake in Minnesota, and I dabble in historical research (I dig through very old newspapers, genealogy, and cemetery records to find out about family and property history – even who that ghost in your house might be!).

I’m here to be fully present with you to reflect back to the world, the truest and most authentic representation of you and your business!  You have great work to do, and I’d love to help you accomplish that with great online marketing, product development, virtual assistance, web design, and consulting.

Consulting First Steps

1. Contact Us by filling out our Contact Form.

2. We'll set up a complimentary 30 minute phone consultation with you.

3. We both mutually agree if we will work together.

4. We both e-sign a coaching or consulting agreement form.

5. You purchase an initial block of prepaid time or coaching/consulting package from us.