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Protection Plus Malware Mitigation

Because we want the very best for our clients, and we want their website to be worry-free, we’re proud to offer our Protection Plus Coverage.

For a small yearly subscription ($79), your website will receive even more personalized and upgraded attention without using prepaid time. Plus, it’s like having an insurance policy for your site. Should you ever suffer a security breach or attack on your site due to viruses or malware, it will be restored for you free of charge – as long as you are subscribed to this service. You will also receive a detailed report on the health and status of your website, delivered to your email inbox on a regular monthly basis.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Current client of Holistic Geek or Autumnbridge Media, LLC – our parent company (we’ve designed or maintain your site)
  • A WordPress-based site
  • Web hosting with TigerTechnologies (

What’s included?

  • Just $79/year for your WordPress site, $29/year for each additional site if you have multiple websites. We also have a Protection Plus Unlimited Plan for $179/year for an unlimited number of websites you may have under your hosting account (great if you have more than 4 sites).
  • Monthly updates to the current WordPress version, with all security and bug fixes.
  • Monthly updates of all plug-ins used for SEO, spam fighting, contact forms, and standard plug-ins used for functionality.
  • Installation of new preferred plug-ins that we use in our standard installs (we’ll ask you if you want to switch to better plug-ins or solutions that we’ve tested and have made a new standard).
  • A monthly virus and malware scan of your website to ensure that your installation is clean.
  • Restoration of your website from the last clean backup (usually 1 week old) should you suffer an attack, along with a new MySQL database, new usernames and passwords to your site, and other protective measures free of charge while you are subscribed.

Terms and Conditions:

You agree to be billed a yearly subscription charge from the date of purchase, and that your PayPal account or credit card will be billed annually in the amount of $79 until you cancel your subscription through PayPal, or through written notice by submitting an email message to Subscription pricing is subject to change. However, subscribers will maintain original yearly subscription price, so long as their subscription is not canceled or interrupted. All attempts will be made to restore functionality of your site from backup in the event of a malicious attack, malware, or web virus. However, while your WordPress posts, pages, and content will be restored, in some cases, restoration will necessitate the changing of theme, layout, or other previous functions of the website. Holistic Geek makes no guarantee of timeframe for full restoration of your site due to blacklisting, blocking, or pending reviews of your site by third parties (such as Google), but will act as intermediary on your behalf in obtaining resolution without deducting time from pre-paid maintenance. Additional client requested modifications or requested functionality not included in monthly updates or installations, or apart from web site functionality restoration, shall be subject to deduction of pre-paid maintenance and editing time per the discretion of Holistic Geek. For purposes of installation, backup, and updates of themes, plug-ins, or WordPress files, you as the client agree to allow us administrative access to your TigerTech hosting account as well as your WordPress Dashboard.

For other clients not subscribed to Protection Plus Coverage, Holistic Geek/Autumnbridge Media, LLC will charge a flat fee of $180 pre-paid for malware mitigation and restoration (only for our clients who use WordPress and Tiger Technologies as their web host).