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Pam Pech

Scott has not only become a trusted resource for my website development, but has also become someone on whom I depend to help me clarify my message. By asking pertinent questions and taking detailed notes, he catches my enthusiasm and inserts those points into my website, allowing me to convey my message through what was, to me, a new medium. I highly recommend his services not only as a technical person, but also as a coach and wordsmith for your creative ideas.

Sheryl Snitkin

Top qualities: Good Value, On Time, Creative. It was hard to choose just three attributes that reflect Scott and his services. He’s very knowledgeable about web design and is great to work with. He’s a great person as well as a great web designer. I’ve basically given him carte blanche with my web page; that’s how much I trust him. He gets my highest recommendation.

Cindy Locher

You’ve been an invaluable help, Scott, thanks for all that you do! You have really helped me up my game, both on the web, and through your Mastermind Coaching groups. Starting in June, I’ve been getting 4X the inquiries that I used to receive, and this is in the SUMMER, when it’s usually dead slow. I had 7 consultations this week and booked 5 new clients out of those 7. And one of those cancelled and the other was a no call/no show, so that means I actually booked 100% of the people who came for their consults! I usually book about 6 people a MONTH. If the multiple holds out for the fall and winter, I’ll be a happy hypnotist!

Leigh Ann Phillips

It is my honor to share what a gem Scott Schumacher has been in my life, professionally as well as getting to know him personally over the years. I could not run my business without Scott.

Not only has he developed and maintained my website, but he has helped with research, ideas, marketing, paperwork, newsletters, and distribution for my music. Basically I can count on him to help me with what needs to be done. There are times he remembers things that need to be taken care of within a certain task that I did not even think of. He is timely, professional, organized, and chock full of good ideas.

Genevieve Munoz

I have had the distinct privilege of working with Scott in my growing soloprenuer practice.

Scott is patient, extremely knowledgeable, creative, and timely in his work. For someone like me, who has limited computer skills, he has been a godsend. He has even made me some “how to” instructional videos so that I may improve and gain confidence in those areas.

Currently, Scott and I have been working on several big projects together (one of them being a big presentation for a workshop to an International crowd) where he has taken on the role of “virtual project manager.”

I would highly recommend Scott to anyone out there! Not only is he an incredibly talented web designer and project manager, his business coaching skills have also added to my rave reviews. He is simply the best!