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What is a Cosmic Landing Page?

I wish I could take all of the credit for coming up with this concept. However, the name “Cosmic Landing Page” came from my dear friend Rita Roberts one day when we were doing an exercise called “Kylego” (as coined by Kyle Cease). We’ve been meeting through Zoom video weekly since December of 2017 to speak from our “future selves” to come up with creative solutions to life situations, and to see what manifests.

In early March, Rita envisioned me creating “Cosmic Landing Pages” that would reach people on a subconscious level. Perhaps they would encounter a “Landing Page” in a dream, where they would sign up for “cosmic help” or inspiration. It was an idea that put me, as a web designer and creative solopreneur, spinning wildly with happy and expectant energy.

There’s a new paradigm coming through – a QUIET REVOLUTION – where many of us who are in business for ourselves, as creative change-makers, artists, healers, coaches, etc., are coming to a new approach to “target markets”, “niches”, and the concept of “Sales and Marketing” in general.

We’re getting quiet. We meditate, take naps, and indulge in our own self care.
We dig deeper into our own authentic selves – all of our feelings, all of our imperfections, all of our joys, all of our love. It all comes along when we “play big” or “show up small”.

Playing Big and Showing Up Small are both FICTIONAL concepts. We can do both, or do neither. We are always just “showing up” or “playing”.

We show others who we are – DEEPLY – so that they know sooner if we resonate with them.
We don’t “market” in old ways.
We work only with those who genuinely WANT to work with us.
We create links with others, which creates community, which can CHANGE THE WORLD.

A Cosmic Landing Page is where we step into ourselves and share this with the world. We honor our inter-dimensional, authentic, bold, playful, quiet Self. We shred the box that was built for us and our business (either by society, our own inner-critics, or that last web designer we hired..haha!).

It’s where we walk on the edges of who we are, what we do, and reach into the longing, the void, the “messy middle” of all of our feelings (as coined by one of my heroes, SARK). It’s not about false confidence. It’s not about the “glamour shots” we have taken for our website. It’s not about how consistent our typefaces and fonts may be. We can indulge in multiple exclamation marks (!!!), use color how we want, dream, wonder, ask ourselves the deep questions. But above all, it is an invitation.

An invitation to play, to dance, to accept ourselves, to be courageous, and to step into those zany-strange-marvelous-juicy-quiet-big-small-SUBCONSCIOUS and Inner-Wise-Dangerous beauties that we are in this existence.

More than who we are.
More than just our businesses.
More than the “problems” that marketers, coaches, gurus, or society tells us we embody.
More than a “target market”.
More than a “niche”.

We are infinitely powerful and fierce beyond measure.

The World.
The Universe.

Will you join the quiet revolution?
Will you help me change the world?



Junebug and I – Preparing for a mid-day nap!

Rita Roberts, Artist, Illustrator, Screenwriter, Human

Meeting my Inner Artist, my “Inner-Wise (s)Elf” in a meditation.

Getting Quiet is a Thing.  I love to walk among the trees – and LISTEN.

I tried to climb the “ladder of success” – only to find that it was leaning against the wrong building…

We are MORE than who we think we are.  We are INFINTELY powerful and fierce souls!

The swirling space where ALL MY FEELINGS live.